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Two truthful histories:  




In a war field, an army in which there was a Christian soldier that felt a strong impulse of talking about JESUS CHRIST, and he went to ask license to your commandant that was not a Christian and doesn't believe in GOD, being for him forbidden of doing it. On that same night, the enemy army came in an attack surprise and killed that whole platoon, that they didn't have the opportunity to look for GOD and they be saved. Do you know these souls where they were? These people perished forever, without GOD.  




In USA, years ago a great preacher was making a campaign, and he talked about JESUS CHRIST, however it found convenient to give one week for the people that heard the message they think if they would give your life to JESUS CHRIST or not, and they would still have the opportunity of they bring more family your for us to make the same decision. During the week that proceeded it happened a violent fire in that city, where the constructions were in your majority of wood, and those people that were at that auditorium  died with your relatives. That famous preacher took this lesson for the rest of your life: never leave of inviting the people that heard your preaching to take a decision for JESUS CHRIST immediately.  


A Message for your heart:  


In the day that calls "TODAY ", GOD of the whole GLORY, HE is calling the whole man, the whole woman to the true regret, to the life change, to turn to your roads, to they leave your bad roads, your worldly-minded, and to a baptism of fire of Holy Spirit  for us to have power to live a sacred life, a life that aim to the road of the truth and of the life, the only road: JESUS CHRIST.  


To HIM, only to HIM, be the whole glory, praise and worship, because HE is worthy - with your blood spilled in that cross bought us for to belong totally to HIM.  


If you didn't still know this GOD that is WONDERFUL, make a prayer right now totally surrendering to JESUS CHRIST, admit with your lips that JESUS CHRIST is GOD'S SON, that HIM risen among the deads, that JESUS is the maximum authority in your life, that you now belong to HIM, not more to himself, to the darkness, to the devil and your fallen angels that are operating in this world and taking a lot of lives to the destruction and the death, that you are sorry for all your sins, of all the time that walked lost in the darkness, without GOD, and ask that JESUS CHRIST'S BLOOD cleans all your sins.  


Making this confession before GOD, you will begin to try a new life with JESUS CHRIST, that will be now not only to your side as your best friend, but also in your inner, in your heart, in all the practical situations of your life.  


And continue walking with GOD, invoking HIM every day, reading the Sacred Scriptures every day, and hears what HE will speak to your heart, and put this in practice, and your relationship with GOD it will be strengthened.  


Write me saying everything that GOD did for you through JESUS CHRIST!  

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